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You have been Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shepard and Barney.
And what did you did during all that time? You killed all those poor Xen aliens!
Have you ever thought about their Point of View?

Point of View is a single player Half-Life MOD where you will play as a Alien Slave named Xonxt.
You will have new weapons to use, be able to explore new and old areas of Back Mesa and of Xen in a MOD with a story that will allow you to (re)visit areas of Half-Life, Opposing Forces and Azure Sheep but, this time, with a different point of view.
Humans will try to kill you, xen forces will ignore or attack you and you will have to survive to all this. Friends will now be your enemies and enemies your friends now that you will play as a Alien Slave...

Point of View is not a easy game.
You can't use the human healthkits or health rechargers and you don't have a armor or any energy shield (making the human battery or battery recharges useless).
To make it a bit more easy for the player, you have more weapons then the common Alien Slave and a way to heal himself that will make the gain of health depend only of your skill (see Alien Slave Hands on the Weapons Page). These weapons, will be alien bioweapons type and the player will not be able to use human weapons like the MP5, Glocks, etc. but he can use turrets or mounted machine guns.
Other changes will be visible during game play since, this time, you play as a Alien Slave...

Release date: 2003.

Point of View story

Point of View story

Nihilanth's Proclamation, heard by all Xenizen, at the dawn of the Great Invasion:

"My children, my citizens, my followers, hear me. The time has come: the threshold has been crossed. Our home is befouled, our realm tainted, our sanctuary desecrated. A borderworld has come to demolish, destroy, and devour us all. The prophecies have come true; the Great Invasion is upon us.

Hear me and learn, my faithful. The denizens of this borderworld call themselves 'Humans'. They are murderous, genocidal, devilish creatures. They are unnatural: they have broken the natural order.
They change the world instead of changing themselves. They call this 'Technology' and they wield it to terrible effect.

The prophecies told us this day would come. Their words were true, and so we must trust in their guidance: 'The secret of their success will be the instrument of their downfall.' I am gifting a legion of you with my power, enhancing your minds to research this 'Technology' and develop our own form to use against them.

Go forth, kinred of Nihilanth, residents of Xen, worshipers of my greatness, and unleash your wrath upon these foul creatures. Together, we shall turn their strength against them and push them back into their world. Then, the fate they reserved for us shall become their own. Hear me, and obey."

"The secret of their success will be the instrument of their downfall; the fate of all will rest on one."

Xonxt's Report (player) to Nihilanth, during the Great Invasion:

"My father, my leader, my master, you have spoken and so I shall obey. The Xen Techno Biologic Unit experimentation is progressing according to your wishes. Great headway is being made in the development of most of the various XTBUs. In particular, the evolution of my own project, the Xen Techno Biologic Sphere, is nearing completion.

The XTBS is capable of gravity-independent movement, and is surrounded by a thick carapace to protect it from damage. Its visual apparatus features a non-specific retinal pattern to bypass anthropometrical security systems. The facilities for speech are now fully implemented, but can only be used once you gift the XTBS with your mind.

For combat, I have duplicated what our enemies call a 'Gun' by crafting a three-pronged, nasute-like structure. A gland, which produces quick solidifying chitin, supplies the projectiles; bioelectrical energy generates power to rotate the biogun; and a pair of glands, whose secretions react explosively together, provide the propellant.

The XTBS only needs a little more time to fully evolve. The visual apparatus still needs to develop 90' z-axis rotation to align properly with 'Human' retinal devices, while the biogun has yet to achieve full socket rotation. Soon, however, it will be ready for mass production, the first of the weapons foretold by the prophecies."

"I swear on my life, you will have the XTBS at your disposal."

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